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    Nice car, wish I had the space for another one!


    Begorah, if I hadn’t sold me shillelagh, I’d buy this car and drive in the St . Patrick’s Day parade!


    Saw this car sell at Harrahs in 1986 I believe. Great car. I think Bob Sands to Larry Sorcher and around a little after that


    Pat and I looked at this car for an out of town buyer in 2015. The owner, who was the buyer at the Harrah’s auction, was legendary “Lightning Larry” Ragland, the only 5 time winner of the Baja 1000….(not in this car!). Larry took us on a ride around the neighborhood and it ran well. The only negative we saw were some paint cracking issues which are mentioned in the eBay write up but not clearly shown. I’ll attach a few photos which show the issues more clearly. For serious touring it would need new tires and some shakedown cruise time, but I thought it could be a good car to drive to Pierce meets.


    Fender paint chip


    Right fender paint cracking


    Left fender paint cracks (front)


    Left fender paint cracks (rear).


    Riding around with “Lightning Larry”””


    Larry had some other nice cars, too!


    Plus a few motorcycles……


    The car was displayed at Harrah’s with a Travelodge trailer behind it. Here’s a picture taken in the mid 1980’s, right before the collection was starting to be dispersed.


    I really like the car, and as mentioned bet with just some fairly minor maintenance and new tires would be a great tour car.

    The only thing that bothers me is all the green. Now, admittedly, I’ve never been a green fan so that’s personal preference, just wondering if the color would affect the ability to sell the car? Do most people like green cars and I’m the oddball?


    David, from earlier photos I, too, thought the green was over the top, but seen in person it looked great. The car carries the color well, and is actually enhanced by it. Buy it, drive it, and bask in the attention!


    The eBay listing does have a few photos of the bad paint but Tony’s photos much better illustrate the problem. Unfortunately, old lacquer paint just seems to do that with time. My ’32 Packard has the same thing.

    One question — Notice that the upholstery is a corduroy-type of green cloth. Is that an original option?

    Also, notice the headliner is a different color than the green seats upholstery. Is having a different headliner material a period option, or should the upholstery be all uniform?

    And no, I’m not interested in the car. Just trying to learn as I go !

    — Luke


    Usually a headliner is of a lighter material than the seat upholstery. In this context, “lighter” means less heavy. Since the material has to hang, being lighter means that there’s less chance of sagging.

    It’s been traditional in closed cars that the headliner was also a lighter (in shade) fabric, so that the car didn’t feel like being in a dark cave.

    As far as originality on this car, I can’t comment. The Harrah’s restorations were excellent for the time period, but standards were different and it wasn’t as easy to reach out to owners of similar original cars.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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