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    Was there a ’36-’38 parts book issued? Anyone have one?

    I would like to see if there is commonality on some parts with ’34-’35 (specifically the door latches and vent window operators). There isn’t a reproduction listed in the PAS literature.

    Thanks, Jim


    Nobody I know has ever seen a 1936 (or 1937 or 1938) parts book.


    George, thanks for responding, I suspected that was the answer but thought I would confirm. Jim


    Paul Johnson sent me a list of available Parts Catalogs in the PAS Library, and the years 1936 through 1938 are NOT among them. That is, in 62 years of the Society’s existence, we don’t have one. I’ll make a major leap and say PROBABLY none were issued.


    I was told they never were produced. I know 1933 existed, because one came with my 33, and was sold with the car



    You can also check the AACA Library. They photocopied a ’33 book for me.

    They might be able to confirm the existence of said item.



    I have seen, and own either originals or copies of books from 29,30,31,32 & 33. I haven’t seen a 34 or later parts book. Most are just numbers……..and only marginaly helpful. Greg Long showed me one for a series 80 or 81 and it had a bunch of drawings in it. They are interesting collectibles, but functionally useless for 99 percent of collectors.


    I have a 1935 parts book. I ordered a copy of it from the AACA library (before I knew what it was). I previously ordered the 1929 parts book and got it with images and parts numbers. I thought the 1935 parts book would be similar. Wrong! As Ed mentioned, the 1935 parts book is just lists of part numbers.



    Go to the “Library”” tab under “”Member Pages”” on the left side of the webpage and you can look up what year/model manual reprints are available from the AACA library. There is also information on how to order reprints from AACA.”


    Thanks for the responses. I do have a ’34-’35 parts book copy I purchased from PAS. There are many parts books available from the PAS library but not ’36-’38 hence my query. Even though it doesn’t have any illustrations the ’34-35 isn’t entirely useless. It has been helpful sometimes for figuring out interchangeability between ’34 and ’35’s and between the different body styles and 8 vs 12.

    Had I thought to study it a couple years ago (duh!) I would have found the answer to the question of late ’35 hydraulic tappets being different than the original ’33-early ’35.

    It is interesting (to me) to know that the earlier parts books had illustrations and by ’34 it is just the numbers, names, and model/body number applicability. With no ’36 parts books it is likely testimony to the sad demise of the company scrimping to save money with bankruptcy at the door.


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