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    I know the big show was yesterday, but did anyone happen to attend the auction in Springfield MI yesterday for this 36 and other parts & cars?…any idea what the car went for?…who bought it?…


    ’38 carcass $1,000

    ’36 1602 $35,000

    840A 7 Pass $8,000

    ’33 Roadster??? project Seagrave 12 $25,000


    Thank you Bill…$35,000 for a non running Pierce…wow!


    I have a lot of non running stuff in the basement. Maybe it is time to sell.

    How much of a car do you have to have to claim it is non running? Chassis, wheels and tires?


    I have a non running data plate for a 12. Does that count?


    Maybe you should put that plate in one of their auctions Bill, you might get $5,000 for it!


    I have a 12 cylinder “operation and care” manual for the 1602 and 1603, if anyone needs one! I’ve been told it’s rarer than the cars themselves.


    I was at the auction for about an hour…….right before the PA cars went through. The 38 Club Sedan was a joke, I would not take it for free…..we passed on it about 8 years ago. I value the car at zero.

    The 36 V-12 looked like a 1960 repaint, and some so-so upholstery. Had new heads and water jackets on it……probably had an overheating issue. Looked like they were done 15 years ago. It’s a long way from driving…..probably 20K to get it reliable and on the road if you’re lucky. I valued it at 12K. I watched the high bidder buy it, an older gentleman……..if he was the final purchaser……I don’t know. For 35K that was a huge roll of the dice, as there is a much better V-12 offered by a club member for much less money right now.

    The 34 was a very nice car years ago…..looks like a California car. Very solid. It will be going to parts if anyone needs anything, call Cislak.

    The junk pile boat tail is so bad, that I won’t even bother. I valued it at 500 dollars. It was a late model Seagrave in an 8 chassis.

    End of report.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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