’35 Parts anyone.

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    I went and picked up a cache of ’35 parts (845 7 passenger). I got a recored radiator, a set of shocks, a set of springs with all the covers, an artillery wheel and a bunch of small pieces.

    I have the following parts. Is there anyone out there that needs any of them before I put them on ebay.

    Dash, visors, roe rail and foot rail. Dash gauges are poor. There is also a distributor, rough


    Bumpers, replete with trailer hitch



    Jump seat frames


    I can bring them to the Hershey meet in June.


    I forgot the window trims



    Anyone know what this is? Heater grill? Has PA crest stamped in it.



    That’s the radio speaker grille that goes between the sun visors. I just had a new one created out of laser cut stainless and aluminum sheet, domed by putting it in a vacuum bag. Is the middle section painted brass?


    Yes, I believe it is brass.


    The robe rail, dash and bumpers are spoken for.


    There is one of those radio speaker grills on eBay.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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