34 Pierce On Craigslist

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    This was on Craigslist and AACA Forums this morning. Not mine and some concern if it was a legitimate ad.



    If the car is in Stockton, contact Pat Craig, he may be aware of it


    I may go have a look tomorrow, I have a short day at work.

    Don Benham


    I wrote to the guy twice- no response.

    Sometimes I think these crazy priced items are a prearranged code for some nefarious scheme. There is a Pavarotti record for sale on EBay for $100,000.

    Aint’ gonna happen.

    Don Benham



    The price appears to be a fair one according to condition and the model. I

    own one like it. They were the cheapest Pierce built (except for the earliest

    one cylinder ones) and were in the Buick Limited price bracket unless you

    loaded them up with side mounts and threw in an extra tail light like the

    Fords had. They have an advantageous power to weight ratio. An old timer

    who had 4 of them told me that as a college student in the old days, he

    hopped one up. He could pull the old grape vine at 60MPH. It takes a lot

    of gas pedal to make that speed on the new and improved freeway. I can

    imagine what it would be like on twisty, two lane 1940’s highway.

    Buy it and save it from a fate worse than death, transmogrification by

    hot rodder!


    Hi Tony,

    It is a very good price, but the advertiser is AWOL. Love your story of going over that highway at 60 MPH in a Pierce-Arrow! I have wondered about past owners hopping them!

    My grandmother told the story of driving the Ridge Route in 1925- they went from LA to Bakersfield in a Model T.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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