’34, ’36 Studebaker-based P-A’s Revisited

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    Continuing a conversation started on this forum a few years ago about what Pierce-Arrows might have looked like had they continued to use Studebaker body stampings after separation in 1933, I began wondering what the cars might have looked like had whole bodies including forward of windshield been borrowed. For 1934 the Studebaker hood would have been too short to fit Pierce’s Eight so the car would have needed to be V12-powered exclusively. Such a big engine in a comparatively small car would have made it the Ford V8 of luxury cars and one of the fastest cars on the road. Price for this “1223” on Studebaker President’s 123 inch wheelbase might have been brought down to 836A level. Here it is in Club Sedan style with closed rear quarters to set it apart from Studebaker.

    The 1936 “1225” version on Studebaker President’s inch 125 wheelbase seems to work best with Studebaker’s 6-window sedan greenhouse, but skirts would have set it apart. Studebaker’s hood this year was much longer, perhaps because they had initially intended to re-introduce the large Eight. The big Pierce Eight might have fit too.

    Enjoy! (or gag!!!)

    1934 Pierce-Arrow 1223 Club Sedan

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    1936 Pierce-Arrow 1225 Aerodynamic Sedan

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