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    1932 Club Brougham is on my got to have before I cash in list. Interestingly, it is the most common Pierce Arrow to survive….at last count there were almost fifty of them surviving.


    I think there’s one on ebay


    Deleted……maybe the original poster is bidding? Yes, the car was on eBay.


    I know this car, it used to be a mossy-green, and located in Winchester Virginia.

    Anyone who wants to know why I did not buy it in 2010 email me at DualValve@gmail.com

    Greg Long


    It still has the very unfortunate interior paint colors.

    Note the body paint color in this photo, which i took 19 years ago.



    I know the car well, too, I put a top on it for the then owner. I almost bought it but , at the time, I found out the car had an engine problem, possibly that’s been addressed by now.

    It’s not a bad car, just had some issues and an owner who threw money at it and missed……


    Peter: The car on eBay is the same green car, but has thankfully been repainted. Compare the pink dashboard and shift lever, steering column in the photo I took 19 years ago to the similar photos on the ebay auction site.

    The car is obviously the same car, the exterior has been repainted..

    I have engine photos showing the same welded repair on the exhaust manifold. The car has the same turn signals as i took photos of back then.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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