3.5″ rings

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    In an effort to overcome boredom, I was researching rings for my 836 and come across this one

    Hastings 133, which fits 1937-53, GM 216 6 cylinder engines, looks like truck mainly.

    1st ring – solid 1/8″

    2nd ring – bottom inside taper edge 1/8″

    Oil control – 3 piece 3/16″

    There is no 3rd compression ring so if you  order 2 sets you have enough rings including the #3 ring on 4 ring pistons, if you mix #1 and #2’s  for the the 3rd one??

    Might come in handy for someone with a broken ring or just trying to freshen things up. They are cheap.

    Available in oversize I am sure.


    Bill, I like to get inside bevel rings for the top compression instead of plain for better oil control. I had a hard time finding 3.5″ 1/8 with chrome face for mine, but finally found them at Grants. I was able to order them individually instead of a set. Taper face are easier to find, and are usually considered better oil control than plain. My Packard has chrome taper face with 30000 miles.

    I have used the type 70 scrapers for 2 and 3 as per original and 3 segment chrome face oil control.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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