3-36’s at Auction

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    Well, turns out there are 4 PA’s total only one 36, but there is a ’38

    1936 1602 V12 5 Passenger #3130018

    1934 840A 8 cylinder 7 Passenger #2580209

    1933 Seagrave V12 powered boattail project #1070437

    1938 8 Cylinder 5 Passenger no numbers

    Also a pre ’34 hood archer and a V12 badge.

    All part of Jeff Begg collection


    Forgive the repeated posts but our site limitations dictate separate posts for each link

    1936 Pierce Arrow V12 Series 1602 5 Passenger Sedan



    1934 Pierce Arrow 840A 7 Passenger Sedan



    1933 Pierce Arrow Roadster Project



    1938 Pierce Arrow 5 Passenger Sedan



    Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament with Broken Arrow



    Looks like the archer is a ’33. Large base, body integral to the base.


    What would be a good estimate on the blue 36 that is not running?…I may go out to that action to take a look…


    The ’38 has the banjo steering wheel, unique to 38. It has the center trunk light housing. Is it correct? I guess 36-37 body parts might be the same/similar. What did they make in 38, 18 cars???


    Curtiss……..any V-12 that is not running should be approached with extreme caution. Looks like it has new heads on the engine. While it may be easy to make a running car out of it, I would say a very, very low number not running. All the others are almost scrap, and not even complete parts cars. The 1602 is basically a gamble……do you feel lucky? Or are you willing to walk away from it if the engine is bad? Roll the dice…….it’s also possible that for little effort it will run and drive.

    Best of luck on the cars…..


    So I contacted the Auction site and asked why the 1602 Pierce was currently not running…was the engine seized?…has it just not been started in a while?…are there any known mechanical issues?…I closed with “Any information you could provide would be most appreciated.”

    This was their response, in their own words…”They are not getting running at this time.”

    Wow…what an answer…


    I’m surprised they didn’t tell you “Ran when parked,” or “Looks good at ten feet.”


    And the description includes the term “Title app””.

    So they don’t even have a title……”


    I have seen the 38 in person. It is beyond terrible and has vertually no useable parts on it. I can’t remember the details but there he engine numbers MAY have been rusted away or it was an incorrect engine, or something of the sort. I wouldn’t take it for free. It was that bad. It is a 1938


    I last saw the 38 about seven years ago.


    Sorry about the typos, phone typing and big fingers!

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