29 back from wiring!

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    29 pThe 29 is wired.  Its funny it has so many lights upfront and one tiny circle break light.    I was following it back to the shop and noticed the break light.

    I found it amusing when the body shop guy stuck his arm out to signal a turn with a big old stoggy hanging off his fingers. lolo

    Some paint touch up, windshields put on and pin striping.  Then, off to the upholster.


    Take a look.  more pics tonight. 29 Pierce




    The car looks great in the side view!  I’m not a fan of all those lights, but to each his own.  At first I was appalled that someone driving it was smoking, then remembered no interior!  Hope your trimmer knows what he’s doing, no foam and the correct padding for the top…good luck!


    HI Dave,

    I still have your email from a year or so ago.  I gave it to the upholstery shop.   It should turn out nice.

    6 of the 7 lights on the front are original.  I added the cyclops fog light.  It will have a yellow lens.   I love the front end.  As you say, to each his own.

    Its exciting to think I will be driving this beauty soon.  🙂   Rick

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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