2021 Tentative Pierce Arrow annual meet

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    The Board of Directors have authorized me to begin an exporatory investigation for another annual meet at the Queensbury Hotel, outside of Lake George, N.Y. Our last meet was held there in 1993. Since then the hotel has been completely remodeled. You may remember our judging in the city park across the street from the hotel, with a band playing in the gazebo. There was a dinner cruise on Lake George, with the Lake George Steamboat Company, and many other exciting events. The salesperson who coordinated with the committee in ’93, is now the salesmanager, and was excited to hear from us again. It would be nice if the Tyminskis and Lutzs were still available. However Luke Dwyer, Craig Lovrich, and the New England Region will be available to help. Again, this is ground level exploration only.


    I have not approached the New England Region. Hopefully they could be involved


    I hope this comes to happen. This would be a great place to go with interesting places to tour.


    Hi Tony,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember the Board approving Buellton, CA for 2021.

    Do you mean 2022?



    I did mean 2022. Sorry



    I’m IN!


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