2021 Meet Photos

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    A few photos from the Lancaster Meet. We had a great time.  Many thanks to Karl and Mary Krouch and their committee.


    Pierces at the Hotel.

    Pierces at the Hotel

    Strasburg Railroad Station

    How the Amish make Ice Cream…….

    Two 1903 Stanhopes at the show, one unrestored and one restored.

    1910 48-SS Demi Tonneau and 1909 48-SS Touring

    Weis Award winner. 1929 133 Coupe

    1913 48-B Runabout. Wade does look like he is enjoying the ride.

    1919 Series 31 Touring and 1917 48-B-4 Touring.  The Series 31 starred in the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen”.


    Hotel Parking Lot.


    The Pennsylvania countryside.




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