2020 Meet Update: Sunday stay over event canceled Hershey Elegance

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    I was given this information last week while in the AACA Headquarters. Here is a quote from Steve Moskowitz:

    “OK, I will try to end the speculation . I am the Vice-Chairman of the Elegance and started the move to go ahead with this idea in my office here at AACA along with Jack Rich and Mark Lizewskie in 2010. We eventually formed a board and decided that the world did not need another concours but a unique one that imitated the original concours and that was small in size but big on quality cars that were works of art could work. We also stated that we were not going to be the kind of event that raised a large amount of money and donated paltry sums to charities.

    We DID honor that commitment and will have donated over $1,000,000 in our 9 short years of existence but it was getting harder in an area that has little major sponsorships available to us and an event not large enough with its gate to attract as many national sponsors as we would like to. Our current executive director was moving on to another job that offered her far more stability and benefits so we were faced with the prospect of seeking and training another director along with a few key board members feeling that it was time to retire. So the decision was made to cancel the 2020 event.

    Since that time numerous people and companies have suggested that they could support us beginning in 2021 and those discussions are ongoing with some of us with the HOPE that we can bring back this special event.

    I should make this VERY clear: Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, the Hotel Hershey were a wonderful partner in putting this event on and supported us HIGHLY. It is , however, a premium property and even with their support the Elegance was a very expensive proposition.”

    For those of you who booked rooms for Sunday night, you can change that at any time. Those of you who are Board members, I could look at a Sunday make up tour to the same locations of the Tuesday Early Bird Tour since we will all be at the Board Meeting. I will check and see if the ATT is booked for that day and then see how many would stay for such a tour. Karl

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