2019 Meet Photos?

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    Gents & Ladies,

    The nudge in me wants to know if the 2019 Annual Meet photos are published anywhere?

    I understand that creating a new Activities Page for the 2019 Meet can take time, however I am eager to view photos of the P-A cars, etc., that I saw in Indiana.

    Nudge, Nudge, Nudge!





    There is a link posted by Liz Horne on the Message Board that has a copy of the slide and video show presented at the banquet. It is under “2019 Pierce-Arrow Meet Video Link”, already a page or two back in the Message Board postings. A copy of the link is below.





    Thanks, but I saw this before.

    Although it is veery nice, I was looking for the standard offering in the Activities section where there are single photos of each of the cars in attendance.

    They are usually posted within a week or two of the Annual Meet.

    Maybe no one took any photos and turned them over to our esteemed webmaster.

    Maybe people who frequent the Message Bard and who took photos at the Meet will post a few.

    They would be good to share.



    I have a few.








    Peter, I wasn’t sure if you’d seen the video. I believe that Bill Morris took photos of all the cars as they came on the show field. I am sure the regular photo page will get posted. Here’s a photo of the Weis Award winner to tide you over.


    I took the “portrait”” photos as the cars entered the show field. I gave them to Roger for his use in “”The Arrow”” and I’ll be glad to send them to whoever does the meet summary page on this website.



    The Pierce-Arrow parking area at the Hotel.


    That is a very handsome row of vehicles.




    Keep them coming.



    Another winner!


    Pierce-Arrows at the ACD Museum.


    The Inn was beautiful


    A nice example which I liked:


    Thanks to Greg, Ken and the entire Annual Meet Committee for the hard work in executing a great Annual Meet. Like so many, I had a great time.

    Pictures of the meet with the judging results are still coming in and will be posted under activities as soon as possible.


    Ben Oakes


    The show field…



    Keep it up!

    I need more Pierce-Arrow photos for my screen saver!




    Twelve at the ACD Museum…

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