1980, 23rd Annual Meet, why two different locations?

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    I’m just curious, trying to fill out my set of plaques for the PAS annual meets.

    Now, I’ve ended up with TWO plaques for 1980, both of which say “23rd Annual Meet”.

    One is at the Old Mill Inn and states “The Jersey Jaunt”, the other at The Birthplace of Speed in Ormond Beach, Florida.

    Any idea why two meets/plaques that year?


    By the way, still looking for plaques for the following meets:

    24,34,43,49, 51 though 59. (yes, I know I should have attended some of those!)

    And, I’m unsure about 1963, I have a “Lanc. Co. Pa. Dutch Eastern Meet”, Aug. 2-3-4 1963, was there another meet that year also? It doesn’t say “annual meet” which is why I’m curious.

    Have many years to trade, or will buy….thanks David C.



    Hi David,

    There was a PAS Western Meet in Carmel, CA starting on October 5, 1963.



    Thanks! Dc

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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