1970’s lacquer paint

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    My Model C was last painted in the 1970’s. Since then the black lacquer has cracked just about everywhere. Starting about 6 years ago I have made it a winter project to freshen one fender at a time. This weekend was RF Fenders turn for some new paint. The 70’s restorer had used red nitrastain as a filler. Everywhere it was used, patches of cracks have developed. I am happy to say this is the LAST fender needing done. So off the car, stripped, blasted and ready for refinishing. That was enough fun for one day!








    Looks like a very clean fender to work with, nice!



    I found body filler used about one foot up from the rear edge, in a 2 inch by 4 inch spot, just above the outer rolled edge. They pounded out a dent in this location and left it looking like an orange peel. They must only had a pick hammer and no dolly! The rest of the fender is straight. I will continue to document the results.



    I remember painting (or helping paint) my 1931 Chevrolet with lacquer in 1965.  The painter would spray 3 coats, then we’d sand the whole car, then 3 more, then sand….did this 5 times!  Also, we were doing it in the open in an old warehouse, one of the advantages of lacquer, it dries almost immediately.

    What are you going back with, single stage enamel?  That’s a great approach to fixing, by the way, one fender a year….so the car stays more or less intact while working on it…  David Coco Winchester Va.


    Big dent
    The only dent.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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