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    I decided to start the ’35 coupe (which I was not at all familiar with) the other day  but wanted to get rid of the old gas first.  Tank was empty which was good since the last car I worked on had about 8 gallons of very old gas. Next I decided to take the line off the tank and run from a gas can first but could not get it to flow even though the electric fuel pump ( I thought ) was running fast. I searched for breaks in the line ,clogs , kinks, any explanation then I discovered by chance another switch which also started the same noise an electric fuel pump with the added benefit of pumping gas.  which exposed the fact that the mechanical pump had gas coming out all around it. Rebuilt the fuel pump then connected the lines and started the car

    to discover now the carburetor pouring gas everywhere. Now have carburetor out waiting on gaskets.

    while waiting I am also rebuilding leaky water pump with modern bearing. for the 26 80 roadster.  The hardest part is done which is drilling the hardened shaft to mount the impeller and connector to the coupler.

    I still do not know what is controlled by a switch and sounds like fuel pump but does not pump gas. Bilge pump? naah

    Hope everyone stays well

    looking forward to the next tour!


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