1934 v12 valve lifters

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    Rebuilding v 12 engine. Working on the valve lifters right now. I have 5 that I am not satisfied with.  What is the proper procedure in repairing them. I am told that they are the old style. Are there any good ones out there to be had? I will be attending the Gilmore Gathering in 2 weeks. Any help will be appreciated!

    Glenn Wengerd


    There are many posts and articles on the lifters in the PAS service bullitens through the years including a couple of mine over the past couple years. They can now be found with key word search and immediate download as pdf thanks to the new and improved website.


    I tried the search and nothing pulled up. We contacted John Cislak and still need the above.


    The is one short article on the Hydraulic lifters in PASB 1999, Issue 5.  You can download that from the Publications Page, Under the Service Bulletins tab.


    The keyword search can need a few tries, they usually do. I put in only “tappet” with no other qualifiers like subject or year and came up with 1 hit. I put in “lifter” only and came up with 4 pages of hits starting in the 1960’s. If you don’t come up with the same you might want to contact the webmasters in the thread below. Meanwhile I will forward my two articles. I would go through all the cleaning and checks before trying to replace any, they are usually just dirty or possibly the ball check is corroded. The plungers are supposed to be fitted to each bore and mixing and matching miscellaneous plungers from other engines could be a problem, although I found my ’35 type 1 1/2 to be very consistent except for a single one that was .001 undersize and leaking down to fast. I would first do everything to clean them up and test via leakdown. The ball checks are just 3/16 ball bearings, cheap and easy to buy new, but a pain to get the cross pin out that holds them in.



    I am going to add to what Jim said and add that the search term is critical.  I entered “Lifters” and got about 5 hits several of which several were for earlier models. When I entered “Lifter” (no s), I got 4 pages of hits. So, it makes a difference.  Adding a year or model will restrict it further.  If you find you aren’t getting many results, make your search terms more general. Too many results, tighten your search terms.


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    We should talk with Bill Morris at the Gathering. Years ago he cleaned and checked several for me, but I don’t remember if they were from 8 or 12. I’m guessing the latter. They are “somewhere” in my car barn…

    Dave Stevens


    I had some extra 34 V-12 lifters but they went with the car when I sold it.  I will be coming to the Gathering.


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