1934 Pierce Arrow Sedan at Auction

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    Came across a 1934 Pierce Arrow 840 Sedan for an online auction. Kind of light on details. Also has a Canadian Tank in the auction




    Immediate observations: 1935 hood, incorrect headlight lenses, no runningboard chrome, light & throttle levers gone, extra holes in instr. panel, can’t tell much more about upholstery, etc. from pics. Could be a nice car with some repair/upgrades.


    Stewart Warner AMP and Temp gauges. It is about 25 miles from me.


    With proper sorting and removal of the modern wire rat’s nest, it could be a very fun driver.


    I hour $29,500 less thank 1 hr.


    High bid was $29,500 + 10% buyer’s fee $32,450


    Retail price…..if it doesn’t need any work………..fun car.


    just a side not I bid on a motorcycle at the same auction only to find out it has no title but that was NOT in the listing


    Eric, depending on how old, they may only have a bill of sale in GA. I think it is ’62 or older.


    I was at the Virginia DMV yesterday registering my 29 Pierce as its previous owner was from GA. DMV looked it up…GA didn’t start haveing titles (at least on cars)until 1963.


    it was a 74


    Question? Edgar R. Minnie II said that the final price on the 1934 840 A was 32,450 with buyer’s fee was Retail price?? I have seen where 840A at Hershey bring 132.000 so how does one know what a fare price for a Pierce-Arrow is? I have restored cars with my uncle from age 11 until age 25. I now own my uncles 1934 840A Club Sedan that I helped restore when I was 17.Just asking?


    Special cars cost more: custom bodies; convertible sedans, especially large chassis models, are worth more. About the bottom are standard sedans in the small, least expensiive series.


    Kevin, there’s a 1934 P.A. 840A for sale today in St. Louis (Hyman) for

    only $219,500. It’s a Silver Arrow production model. Ed Minnie has been

    advising us for a long time to get expert advice before we buy a P.A.

    It would also be helpful if we want to sell. I get my advice by attending

    meets and getting to know the magnificent members who are hooked on Buffalo

    cars. Maybe Ed could chime in to be more specific where to seek this help?



    If you need help on these matters, go straight to Mr. Ed.



    Ok good to know:+)

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