1934 Pierce 840 in Alabama, perhaps?

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    I have renewed interest in finding my first Classic and first Pierce, 1934 840 sedan. Gray body with maroon fenders, think it belongs to a lady in Alabama or Georgia.

    Can anyone provide me with name, or at least clues, to find the car? thanks David C.



    Good to see y’all at Hershey. I am back and forth between Alabama and Georgia, in fact I was in both today.

    Let me know if you need something run down.



    I have a picture somewhere of the car and it states the owner’s name on it, but typical of old age, can’t find it. Thanks for the offer! Dc



    There are two listed on the Roster, one owned by Rick Horne, and he AIN’T NO LADY!

    The other is owned by Karen & Tom Fuller.



    She’s not a member, but thanks to Rick have the name now, thanks!



    I told you that Rick ain’t no Lady, he is a veritable font of P-A information. HA!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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