1934 Grille Shell paint

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    Does anyone out there own an original (never repainted) 1934 840A, 1240A or 1248A grille shell (on or off a car)?

    I would like to see the exact paint/chrome boundary line configuration (masked, abrupt edge or feathered, etc.)

    Sharp close-up photos would be perfect!




    1934 was a fully chromed shell.  1935 was a painted shell except for a chrome ridge around the border of the grill.

    When  I restored a 35 coupe, I couldn’t bear to paint the beautiful chrome on shell. I think that might be a reason one sees 1935 cars with all chrome shells.

    Of course, the old caveat, to sell a car the factory or dealer would do it any way you wished, as long as greenbacks flowed…



    I wish I had an answer, maybe someone out there does. I did mine a few months ago and have a definite ridge where the paint meets the chrome. I don’t know how that could be avoided, perhaps minimized by keeping the paint very thin near the edge.

    Could possibly clear coat over the chrome but doesn’t seem like a good solution and of course wasn’t done that way originally.

    Mine was stripped and chromed decades ago but it had enough surface rust that I only had it ground and polished where the chrome shows.

    As you know, having the whole shell chromed was a factory option. I think the standard painted shell was done to accentuate the length of the hood and avoid breaking up the lines with vertical surfaces.

    I was surprised to learn in the Pierce literature that painted shutters were actually the baseline standard and chromed shutters were a $25 option. Since very few ’35’s seem to have had painted shutters, I speculate that they were usually chromed and used as a sales sweetner, “I’ll throw in the optional chrome shutters for free!” Sort of like the heater “option” in later years.


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