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    I’ve followed up and gotten the attached photos of the 1934 Pierce Convertable Sedan offered for sale. The seller said it was a LeBaron body and included a picture of the body tag. It looks suspicious because of the attaching screws. Will anyone with any information on this car jump in and educate all of us about what the history of this vehicle might be….thanks


    Here is a picture


    The burden of proof for a custom body I would think would be on the seller. Bob Sands remembers the car when it was in Buffalo, it did not seem to be a LeBaron then. There have been other 32 and 33 convertible sedans in the club. The LeBarons that I remember were 12 cylinder cars, had longer wheelbases, and distinctive LeBaron hardware, inside and perhaps out. Who is to say that eight cylinder LeBarons were not built. A nationally accredited appraiser, who has successfully triumphed and testified in court testimony to value, validity, etc. should be consulted. Club memeber Jim Sandoro travels the world as a credible recognized expert in a matter such as this. To spend this kind of money, and not have a recognized authority pass judgment on validity would seem to me not to be a wise decision.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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