1933 Ross Stering gear box and column

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    Many thanks for the responses to my request for a 33 Ross box. Unfortunately the ones I was offered are not the right one. This is a great club and the member support is wonderful. I think I have now determined that the gear I am looking for is specific to 33 but is the same for 8 and 12’s. Would love to learn more about this application So, I have expanded the search to both 8 and 12 33 Pierce. So, please check the basement or corners of the shop and see if you have a Ross unit like this that you willing to sell, Have lots of parts for trade if you prefer.


    Hi Allen. The ’32 also used a Ross gearbox. But: it seems each year is slightly different in how it is mounted.

    Are you missing the entire box? or do you have one needing repair?

    John Cislak and Classics and Exotics used to have the roller-bearing stud that is the usual ‘culprit’ for a Ross gearbox getting worn, loose or snagging/dragging.

    Dig out a ‘Motor’s Shop Manual’ from 1939-41. There is a section on Ross-type steering gear boxes.. It has some pretty good illustrations of the internal parts..



    PASB 2011-1 provides the Motor’s manual info and rebuilding instructions for Ross boxes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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