1933 1236 Motor Mounts More Pics 2

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    Again more pics


    The motor mounts that have been supplied for the Eights are a standard rubber isolator that can be purchased from Mcmaster-Carr. The ones pictured are marked “70”, indicating they are probably very hard 70 durometer rubber. I bought a similar set for my 845 years ago, but what I believe were originals on my 845 were much softer 40 durometer. The load rating for the softer 40 durometer listed in the Mcmaster-Carr catalog is in line with total weight of the engine/transmission divided by the number of doughnuts. I vaguely recollect that these 70 durometer doughnuts were supplied for a large Caterpillar diesel. the doughnuts are available – cheap – in increasing stiffness/load ratings. The best match should be the load rating that somewhat exceeds the total weight of engine +transmission+freewheel + power brake divided by the number of doughnuts. I don’t know what that number is for a twelve, but may mean a 50 instead of 40 durometer. I think there may be a mark under the original bushings that indicate the durometer. Jim


    It was mentioned that early Ford V-8s use a very similar mount. I have some of these labeled “1931 Pierce”” but they do not resemble anything on my 1931.I think these are still commercially available in a generic version.”

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