1932 VA Series 54 Convertible Sedan for sale

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    Bracket light car. Wood spoke wheels, freewheeling, rear heater. Serial no. 1501549, engine no. 231767, body no. 168-61. Older restoration that runs and drives strong. See photos at link below.




    I believe this is the Convertible Sedan that was for sale in the car-corral at the Hershey AACA Fall event..

    Greg Long


    It is indeed, Gregory Long. Private message me for more information.


    Stephen Murphy


    I believe this car belonged to Leonard Urlik about 30 years ago. He traded it along with several other cars to Tom Barrett for a 1933 LeBaron 1247 convertible sedan. Len died in 1998. The convertible sedan was sold to Sonny Abignale after Len died.


    The 1933 LeBaron was sold at auction several years and passed through several collectors hands, and has recently been upgraded and updated. Looks fantastic is has been actively driven on the road. Now housed in one of the best collections in the country, and a PAS member.


    Would someone please enlighten me as to the meaning of “Bracket light car” in the description ?

    Also, his car seems not to have the famous Pierce-Arrow headlights moulded into the front fenders. Was the headlight treatment an option or what ?

    Tom The Newbie


    Hi Tom!

    You got it. The Pierce-Arrows *without* the famous in-fender headlights are called bracket light cars! Welcome aboard!

    Don Benham


    Thanks Don and David ! Now I’m a wee bit smarter than I was !

    I think I belong in the camp of the in-fender headlights too ! IF the proper set of flared fenders were found and installed, what would that do to the value of the car ?



    My 1927 Series 36 has Bracket Headlights. Information that I have on the car says the Bracket Lights were an extra $250 over the fender lights. A lot of money in those days. They do give it a different look, not so easily recognizable as a Pierce-Arrow, maybe not for everybody.

    You may also see the Bracket Headlights referred to as “New York”” headlights. This is based on a rumor (unproven as far as I know) that the fender headlights were illegal in New York during that time.



    Hi Tony,

    My ’28 reportedly was sold new in New York and it has the fender lights.

    Come on over and we can do an unscientific test and put my ’27 and ’28 side by side at night and see which has the brighter lights.

    Actually, If there are fender lights under the tree I hope they have a car attached to them…..



    The bracket mounted headlamps were a requirement I believe in certain locales where the fender lamps were illegal.Also some buyers may have chosen the bracket lights to downplay the fact that they owned a Pierce Arrow sort of like in later years where people would buy a Bentley instead of a Rolls Royce so as to keep a lower profile.


    Very interesting dialogue and history here ! Thanks to all for the enlightenment !

    Now-a-day’s, if bracket lights were switched out for fender lights, (if you could find a set of fenders) would it decrease the market value of the car in any way, ie from a collection or enthusiast ‘s point of view ? Would there be any record of the original lighting configuration on anything other than a build sheet ?


    It is the fender headlights on a Pierce Arrow that caused me to be fascinated by Pierce Arrow cars when I was still a child.It is the same thing with the Packard radiator.


    Thanks William and David. That was the info I was looking for. And yes, I agree, the fender lights are really the thing that sets off the Pierce-Arrow from all comers.


    Thanks for the added info Greg.

    I would think the difference with the cowl piece might suggest a whole new discussion re authenticity and/or repair history, especially for that price.Very interesting indeed.


    And it’s a really nice and imposing ‘little’ car Ken!

    ….snidely says the chauffeur driver of a 1933 1247 EDL often believed to be owned by his yellow Labrador Retriever.

    Merry Christmas!



    My weekend project is to remove a few shelves from a shelving unit behind the Pierce so I can back the car in with the trunk installed. It ain’t little!

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