1932 Tail Light Bracket Help.

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    Have a 1932 Series 54 in John Cislak’s shop with something I have not seen before. The tail light bracket is not a casting, its a fabricated bracket done in the black smith shop from the looks of it, and it sure looks like its been on the car since day one. Anyone ever seen one like this? I know they were having problems with the 1932 brackets from day one…..was this a temporary factory unit that never got changed out?


    Is it an early ’32 car?


    Sedan body number 400…….so I think its late, maybe very late…….could be the reason?


    Hi Ed, i have never seen anything but the tapered diameter shaft tailight mount.

    I suspect that the mount was made in the ’30’s to ’40’s and just has not been replaced because it works..

    While it certainly is functional, it is not ‘accurate’ or nearly the same as the pot-metal brackets that were put on at the factory. I do not think this would have been a factory made part, first, it looks like it has to have wires at least 3-4 inches longer that the original, and it certainly does not look ‘Pierce’ .

    In the attached photo, you can see the nice sculptured look of the mount, no exposed fasteners, gradual tapering diameter of the mount.



    The car had a a 1959 plate on it, and it looks like it was on the car from day one. I agree that the one Greg posted is the normal one I would expect to see……….but the construction of the bracket and fabrication is top notch. Interesting to see things that were done in the era. The entire thing was gas welded.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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