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    My name is John and I’m restoring the interior of my 1932 model 54 5 passenger sedan. I was wondering if the two pieces of metal that cover the windshield wiper motors on the interior has a fabric covering on it? Mine presently has headliner material (gray) covering these pieces of metal. I was wondering if these were always covered or if they were painted black, or something else?? Any responses would be of great help.

    Thanks in advance

    John Kurtz


    Hi John,

    The Pierce Arrow Sedans in this era had the interior cloth that was used on the seats and door panels wrapped around the metal enclosures that surround the wiper motors. Usually the headlining material is a little different cloth but of complimentary colors.

    There would also be a bead of welting, rubber tubing or foam rope that has the interior cloth wrapped around it and the excess tab of cloth bonded to the inside surface of the metal wiper enclosure. The purpose of the welting is to hide the “crack” that would appear between the top edge of the metal wiper enclosure and the headliner passing over the top edge. Other wise you would see a black crack that would vary in width….definitely NOT the Pierce Arrow look!

    However, for 1933 sedans, the interior windshield design changed to a 1 piece design that encircle the entire windshield. This served the same purpose as a windshield wiper motor cover. But this time, they were wood grained (painted to look like wood).

    I will send you a digital picture from my car through e-mail.

    When I redid mine, I just used some 3M 8080 spray contact glue and some agressive 3M double stick tape on the inside surfaces of the metal to retain the cloth. Just watch the spray glue! It can get onto surfaces that you don’t want glue on, and if you apply too much, it can “soak” through your interior cloth and discolor it, leaving a stain.

    Hopefully you found the “hidden” screws that retain these housings that are found by cranking out the windshield to expose the screws that mount vertically upward, through the housings, through the windshield hinge, and into the body.

    Best regards,

    Chris Diekman


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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