1932 model 54 club sedan

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    Does anyone have a Trico Specifications Catalog for 1931-46 that can identify the correct wiper motor i. e. RSL ? and wiper arm and blades for the Model 54?


    Ronald –

    I do not recall dealing with this issue for my Model 54s but suspect the Trico catalog is something that might be in the AACA Library & Research Center in Hershey. Have you asked them?



    You also need to specify open or closed car because they are different. Ficken Wiper Service would know. phone 631.587.3332 or wiperman.com You are looking for a wiper motor part that is very hard to find anywhere. Arm and blades are the easy part


    I just picked up an A.E.A Tune Up System Chart for my 1933 1236 on Ebay. It contains a lot of ready reference information as well as tune up information, including the reference for the windshield wiper motor. I checked to see if there was one available for your car, but no luck. For what it’s worth, my car, a closed car, has a Trico Service Motor KSL-226.


    What goes wrong with these besides low or no vacuum? Is there any

    maintenance required along with liberal amounts of RainX?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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