1931 Series 43 Transmission Shift Lever Removal

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    Hi, I have the cover off the Warner T-74 free-wheeling transmission and I need to remove the shift lever, to paint it and to rechrome the cap on the bottom end. I see a large spring which seems like it may be holding the lever in; also I see a small pin which may be holding the free-wheeling device on the bottom end of the lever in place. I do not want to break anything out of ignorance, so am seeking advice on how to proceed.

    The transmission seems to work fine and looks very clean and nice inside.


    I got it by studying it and by looking at a manual for a later transmission made for Jeeps in the late 1940s.

    First, remove the spring inside the shift tower. I sort of unscrewed it in a clockwise direction until the tension was released. Then I removed the two devices on that end of the shift rods, which allowed me to more easily access the pin which holds the freewheel shift mechanism on the end of the actuation rod. After removing this from the shift stem, the stem will push through and out while the freewheel actuation rod is removed toward the top. Now I need to replace the felt seals under the shift stem cap and underneath the shift stem ball.

    Hope this helps someone.


    Thanks Randy!! if you can a photo or two to go with the description would help, I have one of those ’31 freewheeling transmissions. I was going to open it up to check it out.



    I will work on that, Greg. It was very much like the Borg-Warner T-90 used in Jeep products starting in the late 1940s, as far as the shift assembly is concerned.

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