1931 Series 43 Hood Hinge At Cowl

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    Hi, I need to see a photo of the hood center hinge support at the firewall-cowl, for a 5-passenger sedan. I am cleaning my car’s firewall up some, and I suspect the support I have is a rig-up and if so I intend to correct it. If any one has a photo handy, please share, but don’t go to a lot of trouble.



    I happened to have the one for my 1931 model 43 off, so hare are some photos.



    Here is another from the underside. Tip to tip its 4 1/4″ and fore to aft its 1 15/16″”. Might be a tough one to form. Best of luck. Tom”


    Mine looks just the same as Tom’s, it was held on with what looks like #10-32×1/2” long flat head screws.


    I have a ’33 and there is a cast iron piece that goes between this “cover”” and the cowl. If you check a parts book it may tell you if there is a similar piece for that year.”


    This is what my 31 sedan looks like in that mounting area.


    Thank you all for your help! Yes, I see I have a missing part; I seem to have the steel part underneath the center of the chrome part, as is visible in Mark’s photo, but my chrome part is missing.

    I will obviously need to search for this part. Of course, if anyone has or finds one for sale, I am interested.



    Here are a couple of the covers and the underpiece.

    I have to figure which one goes on my ’33.



    The one on the left is used on the 1933 cars but the one that holds the hood hinge is longer than what appears in the picture.


    Dave Tyminski is correct.

    The STEEL tab that bolts goes on first is what actually holds the hood hinge. It slides into the long, tapered hinge center piece. The edges of the tab need to fit snug into the center piece..

    The center piece is a wide flattened ‘C’ The curled edges grip the tab that is fastened to the firewall.

    The top chrome piece is both cosmetic, but also offers a very small amount of rigidity to the tab-in-center situation. I cringe when I open and lay my hood over the opposite part of the hood, there is a LOT of leverage trying to pull the center piece off the tab.. But the 1933 did not have any form of hood prop system to hold the hood in the up position. It had to be gently laid over the opposite side.

    Greg Long

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