1931 Series 43 Dash Trim: Chrome-Plated Cup Washers

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    Hi before I send these to be plated does anyone have a handy source for the chrome-plated cup washers under the screws which fasten the dash panel to the body? It occurred to me these might be more easily replaced than rechromed. I have one screw and washer missing, which I will need to replace anyway. The Series 43 requires nine washers and screws to attach the dash to the body.

    The cup washers commonly available are not the solid, machined washers as original; they are pressed out of sheet. I have found some made of stainless in the UK and thought they could be polished but so far they are all metric. I found a source in India who offer brass machined washers both unplated and plated, but I have not contacted them about availability, willingness to ship to the USA, and minimum quantity, etc. so I thought I would ask first.

    Ain’t it fun?

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