1931 Pierce Eight Carburetor Issues and Adjustment

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    Now that I have the ignition wires right, the ’31 will start and idle 5-10 seconds and die. Any attempt at adding throttle, it dies, or spits out the carb and dies. This says lean to me. When I removed the manifolds in preparation for sending the engine for rebuild, the car started easily and ran OK, so I left the carburetor settings, etc alone. I have turned the idle speed screw in about 1 turn.

    I notice that what I call the two big setting screws on the front near the top flange, were positioned as: the passenger side was open 1 1/2 turns, the driver’s side was nearly closed.

    I suppose I need to find a general discussion on carb issues and setting. But I do have it running, sort of.



    There are a couple of PASB articles on adjusting that carb.  Do a search for 1931 and Carburetor adjustment in the Technical Search tool in Publications.

    Are you sure the carb is getting adequate fuel?


    Hi, Dave, I am not entirely certain it is, but the fuel pump is working I think.

    I have been search-limited as my internet is out. I do plan to do what you suggest.


    Hi Randy,

    Are you guys feeling the effects of that little blow you just had?

    It sounds like the car has sat a while. I’d first disconnect the fuel line at the carb to see if you are getting good fuel flow when cranking.  Another thing might be the float valve stuck to the seat although this usually results in no fuel at all and it sounds like you are getting some.



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    I did get the ‘31’s engine to start and idke. It needs a tappet adjustment and timimg check, but itvsoukds nice. I removed the carb Sunday afternoon and gave it a half-way cleaning. As I don’t have any gaskets or parts (or experience with the Stromberg UUR), I removed the bowl cover, idle needles, and gave it a good spray with carb cleaner, then a flush with clean gasoline. That seemed to do the trick. I let it idle until the temp gauge started up. The oil pressure was about 7 psi.

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