1931 Pierce-Arrow Amherst Blue Paint

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    I would like to see an example of this factory color for 1931 if anyone has a photo to share. I believe it might have been the original color of my car. It was definitely blue and the other choice is Pierce-Arrow blue which I understand was a very dark blue. I have information that Amherst blue was accompanied by Pilot Blue fenders; P-A blue had black fenders.


    This would be where I would start.



    Specifically this page. The codes are on the left side and you can look up the color ships with that code.



    Is there a similar color chart for the 1928 Series 81?

    Jack Davis


    I looked on the site and didn’t see one. If you plug in 1930 you get a chart that goes back to ’29


    Thanks, everyone. I have anything already on the internet. I was hoping for a photo of a car.

    This is one 1931 Series 43 photo I have:


    How many more pictures would you like?


    A closer picture showing the repaint on the door.


    I like this car; obviously you either bought it or were offering it for sale. I am in recovery or I would have bought it…thanks Mark!

    It seems equipped like my example:


    Here is the blue/black color combo on our ’29.


    I bought it from Walt and Tim Schilde from the eBay picture you showed. I am currently refreshing the engine with new rod bearings, pistons, valves, etc. I was immediately interested due to the originality of the car not to mention the condition. We drove it to the first show in our area last year right after going through the brake system and received a HPOF trophy just for showing up. The mascot was sitting on my desk for the last 20+ years and now has a better home – for some of the time anyhow…


    I am not sure of name of the blue paint on my 1932 model 54, but maybe this helps.


    By the way, our ’29 was built Nov of ’29 so it most likely wears ’30 colors.


    The 1929 colors included Sapphire blue with black fenders; the 1930 colors continued the sapphire blue/black combination, and added blue moss/black, and blue hour/Botticelli blue combos.

    From the colors I found underneath later paint on my ’31, I believe it and Mark’s car may be the Amherst blue/black combo.

    The 1932 lineup had Pierce-Arrow blue upper and lower with black moulding and a silver stripe; and clipper blue No. 3 upper and lower, with clipper blue #4 on the moulding, and a brown stripe, so that looks like it might be the combo on Ryan’s Car.

    Mark, I just got my car’s engine out of the shop after a complete rebuild. It ran OK but it was just worn out and I don’t want any trouble if I can help it.

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