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    I have a set of lock rings for my ’31 Model 43, they have the pins sticking up. Is there a source for nice two-hole keepers for these rings? Thanks dc



    I am not certain if the tire lock ring retainers for the 1931’s are the same as for the 1929’s but the ones for the 1929’s and 1930’s were reproduced a few years back.You might want to check some back posts on the PAS site and see if you can find a name.


    Thanks, I’ve been offered some of the bolt style keepers, but I’m looking for the two hole variety.


    I’m missing a couple of these too, when I asked about them before it was suggested that I make them myself from stainless and polish them. I’m going to be away on a T Tour, but can make you a drawing when I get home if you need it.


    Hi, yes, a drawing would be good. It would be easy to fabricate something that would work, but I’d rather fabricate something correctly than guess. Thanks!


    I think the same plate was used on Studebaker Presidents. It was an oblong plate. I think that Vince Lucciardi’s car has them.


    David you might try Paul Jacobs. He made a number of them and they worked well for my ’30 Model B. Paul is listed as a member.




    If it is the same as a 1930 Mod B I have one you can have, it needs polished and plated. Jim


    Jim, that’d be great to have one in hand, if I need to fabricate more, thanks, will email you!

    I’ll also contact Paul, thanks!


    Paul apparently has some, waiting to hear details back from him.

    Thanks, David, for the lead!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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