1931 Exhaust Specifications out there?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have officially gotten my ’31 Pierce Series 42 moved from the “decoration-spec” to “running” category this weekend. So far so good, but the exhaust system on the car is in horrible need. It’s mostly flex-pipe that someone has put together to work. I’d say 95% of the exhaust does come out the back of the car but I’m not trusting this for long.

    I have a new, un-machined exhaust manifold to put on at some point, but I want the rest done correctly now.

    I have a very good exhaust shop here in Minneapolis area I’d like to use and they car make anything I’m sure. I’d like to get the pipe diameters, mufflers, and hangers correct, and the bends in the correct places.

    Does anyone have some simple pics and sizing information available?

    Thank you for the help. I am loving my Pierce so far.

    Bjorn Anderson

    Robbinsdale, MN


    It’s just a header pipe to a long round muffler, then a long tail pipe. Cislak makes correct factory replacement exhaust hangers. Give him a call.


    Take a look at the chassis lubrication chart in your owners manual.

    The lubrication chart shows a top-down view of the naked chassis/engine/driveline/exhaust.

    This will give you a very good starting point for your exhaust guy.



    Thank you for the suggestions!


    How similar is the ’29 to the ’31?

    I can take pics of how mine is run if they are similar enough.

    Would also be a chance for the experts here to let me know how authentic my exhaust is. :)


    Years ago Kiepich exhaust sold systems, that were close, but not correct. The mufflers were undersize as far as diameter and a bit short. Pipes were done on a bender and pinched the pipes. They should be mandrel bent, but it would be expensive.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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