1930 Model A Convertible Coupe Sales

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    Sadly, our garage burned to the ground and we lost out 1930 Model A convertible coupe. It was a total loss. I have two questions. Does anyone have knowledge of a sale in the last 3 or 4 years that could be used for valuation purposes? Second, does anyone know of one of these, or a roadster, that might be for sale, or possibly an equivalent model for 1929 or later? Thank you.


    Hello Grant, very sorry to hear about your fire, and the loss of your ’30 Convertible Coupe.

    You might consider coming to the Annual meet in NE Indiana next month. The meet starts on June 11th, goes through June 15th.

    Right now we have 50 Pierce Arrow cars registered to be there. There are several cars much like what you would like as a replacement for your Convertible coupe.

    The information about the Annual meet was in several PAS mailings this year, but the information is also available on this website under Announcements, and also under ‘Activities’.

    Do yo know what started the fire, or where the fire started inside your garage?

    Take care.

    Greg Long



    Grant, that is very disheartening to hear.

    Please keep us updated with any more that you find out about the cause of the fire and your quest to find another Pierce to replace yours.


    So very sorry. Grant, I know an EXPERT not far from you who you should contact for insurance/ valuation/ appraisal. Fantastic references and beyond approach. If you would like info, call me 413-530-5712

    I have no financial or economic interest with they individual. Just good friends.


    Grant, We are all so so sorry for your loss. And one gone is gone forever. I can help you or your appraiser with some recent convertible coupe sales for comparables (318.366.5112



    I have done a number of fire related reviews over the last 10 years. Different insurance companies treat insureds differently, but one universal trait is that they will try to short you, and you cannot trust their experts. It is well worth a few bucks to hire a fire expert to at least review the fire marshall’s report, and then, as you appear to be doing, get an independent appraisal of the damage. The other thing you need to do is be aware of the deadlines for claims and other rebuttals, etc. They will delay as much as they can, and then deny when deadlines are missed. Then expect to be dropped at the most inopportune time. Bet money it will happen.

    Good luck, and don’t give up until you are satisfied.


    I spoke to Grant today, fortunately he is a well respected attorney……….a very nice gentleman, and with a bit of luck, we can all help him find another Pierce Arrow.


    Hello Grant, Kevin Miler . Columbus Ohio . My uncle has a complete restored 1930 Model A roadster convertable, dual spare tires. That is in his collection that he is going to be selling. I have a picture in my phone if interested. At present I am on the road on business. Sorry for your loss.


    Kevin Miller here. As a some what newbe to Pierce Arrows I have learned that Pierce Arrow has a Model A model car! So being that said the car I told Grant is not that. I grew up working for my Uncle in the car restoration business and he has a love for all makes and models. He owns several cars and of several makes. I was able to purchase the 840 A Pierce that I helped restore when I was 17. So I will be spending more time learing about Pierce Arrows.

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