1929 tail light assembly . Left light bucket.

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    Does anyone have a single left side tail light bucket for a 1929 Pierce arrow. The car is getting so close to upholstery. The small finsihing items are driving me nuts. lolol.

    The chromer could not repair the tail light bucket so I am now in need of one.

    Any help???


    A new one could be spun from brass since you have the original one for a pattern.These have been reproduced in the past.They originally were brass.


    I picked up a Blonder-Murray repop of the complete tail light assembly from Dave Murray many years ago.

    No idea if he still has any.

    Single tail light barrels do pop up on eBay now and then.


    Is that a Type-A taillight?



    Be sure you look for one of the buckets with 4 rivets in the back to attach to the backing plate. That style was used from I think 24-29. The later 3 rivet buckets are different and fit 30-33, if I remember. I have conflicting info on ’30.




    Type A is the 24-29 set. 30-33 are Arrolite



    Rick is looking for Type A


    As usual, Cislak has light available, and if you call he he had a few “loose” lights and parts, so you may be able to get just a single can. Give him a call.


    Richard, if your car is a very late production ’29 it could very well have come with the Arrolite assembly.

    Mine was produced Nov of ’29 and it has the Arrolite assembly, not the Type-A.

    And no, the assembly has never been off the car, ever.


    Based on what Craig says, does it have 3 or 4 holes in the mounting surface?

    4= Type A, early

    3= Arrolite, late


    According to my records all 1929 133-143 and all 1930 A,B,C cars used the Type A lamp in chrome plate.Unlike the earlier Type A’s this lamp does not have the plug but has the wires running through the bracket connecting to a junction block.The Arrowlite came in on the 1931 41-42-43 cars.It is possible for an Arrowlite to be fitted to an earlier car early in the car’s life.Check the taillamp listing in the 1929 133-143 parts book.My circa September 1929 Roadster with 24000 miles has the Type A lamp and looks exactly like what is shown in the parts book.Most old lights have age cracks and any firm that restores antique car brass parts should be able to spin new lamp bodies that should never crack.


    Thank you Bill, I was questioning my memory, something I seem to need to do more frequently each year. I was thinking that 1931 was the first year for the Aerolite lights with the vertically ribbed lenses. The ’29 and ’30’s used the Type A lights

    Richard, do you need a solid cylindrical light bucket ? or a light bucket with a window for the license plate light?

    Here is an image of a ’29-’30 Type A light assembly, The center bucket has the window.

    Greg Long


    Here is a 1931 Aerolite tailight assembly, the center bucket still has a window for the license plate light.

    Greg Long


    Thank you all,

    Mine are the 4 rivet, type A style. I saw them all the time when I was not looking for one. Now that I am, not much. The ones on ebay are far worse than the one I have. lolo



    Are yours for sale? Or just a photo of some?



    Thanks Doc,

    To be picky,I need the left side can. Any luck? Let me know what you need for one.

    Send me an email at Rleroyjr@aol.com



    Richard: the set of three are not for sale, I’ll look to see if I have a single.



    Thank you so much Greg.

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