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    I am planning on reproducing a boot/cover for the convertible top for my 1929 roadster.  I find the loose top (when folded down) flaps around too much while driving (I guess I drive too fast ;).  I have been looking through web searches and called the AACA library for help.  I was only able to find one period photo that shows part of the cover with the top down (see first photo below).  The AACA library only had advertisement drawings (see second photo below) which is not very helpful.

    If anyone has any information or a photo of the top cover (a period photo would be best) I would appreciate it if you would contact me.

    Thanks all,



    1929 roadster convertible




    You might contact George Teebay,  He has a ’30 Roadster and has a cover for his top.  I don’t know what differences there might be between ’29 and ’30, but I suspect they are close. It looks similar to what you posted.  Sorry the photo I have isn’t better. I’ll dig through my photos and see if I have anything better.




    Thanks for the excellent suggestion.  I contacted George and he will be sending me photos of his convertible top cover shortly.



    I didn’t find any more photos of his car with the top down, so getting specific ones from him is probably the best path.



    Hi, Robert:

    This 1929 133 sold through the Hyman Ltd. site a while ago. Seems to have some good photos for the convertible cover details:



    Take care,





    Thank you for the suggestion.  However, that car at Hyman was a phaeton convertible, so the top is much larger than my roadster and the cover looks very different.  It may still be useful for making my top.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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