1929 Pierce arrow sign

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    Does any have a good picture of a computer file of the script on the 29 hub cap? I am trying to have a sign made but cant seem to get the font right. all the pictures i find on the net the P is different and i cant seem to get a good photo of the hub cap for the engraver.


    Tony Zappone made some a while back. He has artwork and also a template for a tattoo!


    Is he a member?


    Hi Eric, yes Tony is a member.

    Click on the ‘Roster’ bar under the Member’s Pages on the tool bar on the left side of the page.

    A ‘Search’ block will open. Type the member’s last name into the appropriate box and click on ‘search Roster’.

    you will find all members with that last name. [there is only one Zappone.]

    The search will provide you with email connections and phone numbers.

    Greg Long


    i tryed the the day Edgar poster it but it cant find him when i search


    Try this



    Also search by state. He is in NY.


    Still a member after 55 years. No more signs, the company that did them won’t do them anymore. Anybody know if Ernie Follis has anymore? I don’t think so.


    Tony do you have a computer file for the 1929 hub cap script?


    Sorry, I do not


    Eric, this is at the AACA Library, ask them to send you a copy, Karl


    I will check but think Dad still has a bunch of those signs He took them to Hershey last time he went but do not think he sold any.


    Jim I’d be interested in a sign…..David.coco@comcast.net


    Jim, I would be interested in a sign also.

    Duane Wesche



    If you have others I would also be interested in purchasing one.

    Thank you,


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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