1929 Pierce-Arrow on Ebay

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    Needs work but looks solid, poor interior has seen better days…says it needs a set of tires to be roadworthy and we all know what tires cost these days…

    Hope it finds a good home…


    I know the place, it is about an hour’s drive from me…this is the same place that I fell in love with my first Pierce-Arrow, it was the car used as Al Capone’s car in the TV series remake “The Untouchables” in 93-94. It was a big black Pierce-Arrow Limousine with a divider window (please forgive me, I cannot remember the exact year, 1929 or 31) I wanted that car bad, wife said no, it got sold.

    This business used to lease vintage cars for use movies, then sell them when they were through with filming…they used to be called Antique Auto, now they are USA Trailer sales…or something like that.


    It’s difficult to put a value on this Pierce. Add the cost of restoration, and you may easily be upside down. Any thoughts?


    I think Louis nailed it.

    If you can do a decent upholstery job yourself, and wield a spray gun to do paint yourself, and can take an engine apart yourself, then you could have a fun grocery-getter.

    In the old days of the hobby, that’s exactly what guys would do. Today? It’s a little different. Although I have seen army blanket upholstery jobs which really came out pretty nice.

    If the car were in upstate New York, I would drive over to take a look. But distance gets expensive.


    Great car…….looks very correct. For years that is what most of us dreamed of finding hidden away in a barn or garage. Club Sedan, dual side mounts, wire wheels, has a trunk. Early tropic are heater and a radio. Not rusty, no bad wood………the “impossible” find of the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. Sadly cars in this condition are quickly becoming parts cars……..but even then, with so few cars being done over now, most of the “parts and parts cars” will now probably no longer be consumed more than ten or twenty percent of their parts. Hopefully someone will save it, but realistically it’s probably a hot rodder bidding on it. With a bit of luck the new owner will join the PAS.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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