1929 Headlight lens retainer clips.

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    Good afternoon everyone!

    I am looking for the headlight lense retainer clips for my 29′  Does anyone know if the Ford clips will work?   Any suggestions on what people have used when the originals are not available?

    I’ll ask anyway.  Does anyone have some original or repro clips for sale?

    The car is getting closer and closer.  Unfortunately, things keep coming up missing.   This is driving me nuts.   Hopefully, off to the upholsterer next month.

    Hope you are all happy healthy and safe.



    p.s.  The fender headlight reflectors suddenly appeared in a box in the corner of the shop.    I can understand super small items that go missing, but things the size of a dollar bill and larger…..mmmm?   Not so much. lolo     I guess these are the trials and tribulations of a frame-up restoration.


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