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    PAS Members, go to Member Pages, then Publications, then the Video (at the bottom of the list)  to see the new Technical Video.  Remember, you must be logged in as a PAS member to see the video.



    Thanks for posting this video.  It is a great resource for those of us with cars of this period, but did not attend the meeting – also great advertising for making the effort to attend each event.  It verified that some of the parts on my car that I questioned are correct – and pointed out other places where I have work to do.

    Well Done!      Herb Tull


    Hi Herb,

    It would be nice to have more of these on the website.  Getting Pierces on the road is very important to keeping Pierce-Arrow in the forefront of the antique car world.

    Thanks for your kind words, but they belong to others, not me.  I just helped to get this posted and up on the website.

    Rich Lange was the driving force behind the video production project.  We at PAS  owe him a a huge “Thanks.”



    Great video, I own a 31 and thought I knew it well, but I learned a lot from this presentation.  Thanks to Rich and all involved…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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