1928 Fleet Arrow Wagon Gas Tank Valve Needed

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    Does anyone know where i can purchase a below tank fuel on/off/reserve valve as shown below?

    NEEDED Gas Valve & Nameplate



    What you are looking for is a 3-way valve, similar to what I had on some old motorcycles (off – main – reserve). My first thought was a Model A fuel valve, but it is only a 2-way and would not provide the reserve setting.  You will need one that does NOT draw from both tanks at the same time. I did find a number of 3-way brass valves on the Internet; West Marine has a 3/8 valve for boating with 2 fuel tanks and this may work for you.  I am not familiar with what the one on your Pierce should look like, but this one can be adapted to a longer operating rod.  Amazon also has a selection of these fuel valves – but I would suggest a 3/8 valve instead of 1/4 inch, so the engine won’t starve in a long or heavy pull.  Below is a picture of the West Marine valve.  Best of luck, HerbWest Marine 3-way fuel valve



    Thanks for the information Herb.  I do have a vintage valve that uses the lower +- 3″ of the fuel tank.  I am not an artist by ne means but it looks similar to my drawing below.  The only problem is that I cant use the factory original control mounted to the frame because there are two valves, one on each side of the valve body.  I will continue my quest for something that will control on/off/res from one side of the valve body.  I am finding out that everything on this rare 28′ Fleet Arrow Wagon Truck is challenging to find but also rewarding.

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    Existing Fuel Valve

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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