1927 Touring Car No. 337025 Original Dealer Documents

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    There are some original dealer documents on Ebay, for a 1927 touring car, number 337025. Seems if this Car is still around the owner would be interested. Just FYI.


    If I was the owner I would definitely be interested.

    One of our PAS historians can look up the number and see if it is still around or known to the PAS.


    That number would be for a 1923 Series 33. No match in the current roster.




    No match with the number 337025 on Bernie’s listing either.

    And David is correct that it is a 1923 year model.



    Here is an interesting article on the original purchaser’s house.



    He traded in 511150 Touring. Is that one around?




    Chassis number-511151 that was cut up into a truck from a 1919 7-Passenger Touring is as close as I can find.



    You are correct; the docs clearly state 1923. A fascinating part of the past.



    You mention 51151 as cut up. This was 51150. Typo?



    Looks like the paperwork sold for $18.

    Anyone here buy it?

    And where can I get a Deluxe Motormeter for $15? :)


    I bought the documents, mostly because of the nice letterheads from the Foss Hughes company.

    In my Pierce memorabilia collection, I favor “hard” objects, but also have a collection of letterheads from various dealers and the factory.

    Foss Hughes was a significant dealer, and I have numerous objects from that dealership.



    They are all 7-digit numbers and 511151 is listed as having been cut up to make a truck.


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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