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    What is the correct finish for a 25 Runabout….black painted tubular bumpers, or were they nickle finish initially?



    I believe that it depended on how you ordered it from the factory.

    Now, you get the choice of how you want them finished.

    However, most of the ones that I have seen are black with nickel end caps.

    You might wish to check Previous Meet photos (on the website) for photos of Series 80 cars.



    I believe someone is reproducing the end caps. I know I need a set.

    My 1927 Series 80’s tubular bumpers were made by Balcrank and are so marked. They began business making crank handles for machine tools, then moved into automobile bumpers and accessories. They are still in business, but today they make hose reel dispensers for service stations, quick-lubes, etc.



    I somewhat recall that Wayne and Marc Hancock were making the bumper tubes, but I may be wrong.

    They are PAS members and you can email them.

    Also, a ton of Series 80 cars, mine included, have “aftermarket bumpers” that are made from “flat stock” so as to upgrade the look of the car to make it look more modern.

    Mine were made by “The Royal Bumper Company” of Chicago, Illinois.




    Here is a photo of the Hancock’s Series 80 Roadster (now sold). It was a Weis Award winner.

    Note that it has an aftermarket Duplex front bumper.



    The accessory list in the Salesman’s Data Book lists ‘Nickel Plated Bumper on Front’ price: $12.50

    The accessory list also lists ‘Sager Bumperettes, Rear, Nickel’ price $17.50.

    I have reproduced the Salesman’s Data Book. I will have some of them at Hershey, in the PAS tent, and

    at my booth. As well as reproduced Parts manuals, the illustrations only, spiral bound.

    The accessory list is quite educational !!

    Greg Long


    I thought as much that they would be nickel, however, with the preponderance of black painted bumpers…

    What got me going was a discussion in AACA forums about plating vs painting a radiator surround…which was most engrossing. Then, of course, powder coating came up…so..

    My front bumper looks like its been driven across every Ohio cornfield there is, and re-spraying it black paint wouldn’t survive the next cornfield, so with nickel plating the front bumper probably a easy 900-1000, powder coating might be some 200 dollars for both front and rear…

    I haven’t decided yet…but something has to be done about this cornfield damaged bumper… :)



    Do you have the round bar / tube-type bumper holders / arms?

    If not, I believe that Karl Krouch reproduced them recently.



    Hi Peter,

    I have the typical round bar / tube type bumper holders.

    Karl lives 1.5 hrs up I-81 from me.


    My recently acquired Series 81 does not have the tube front bumper usually seen on this model, but rather two flat bars as shown in the photo. Am I correct in concluding that this would have been an after-market addition? Seems to me I have seen the same bumper on at least one other 81, and on two or three 1929 models.

    Jack Davis


    Don’t know how the photo came out upside down, but you get the picture.


    Jack, our ’29 has the double bar bumpers much like your Series 81 does.

    It is a very late production ’29.



    Thanks for the photo. I attach another of mine. I would say they are identical. Question is, was mine taken from a ’29 or was this kind of bumper offered as an extra on the ’28 81’s?



    Jack, your rear bumper shape is different from the ’29 bumpers I remember.

    It is different than mine and the roadster for sale at RM Auctions.



    1929 front bumper:



    That photo was my front bumper. Attached here is the rear bumper, split for the spare.




    Here is a slightly better view of the front bumper. I can’t get one full frontal since I have the vacuum tank and water pump off and can’t back it out of the garage. It does look like yours has a slightly more defined “corner”” than mind where it sweeps back.

    Jack Davis”

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