1916 Pierce as a motor home? This guy had earl class!

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    The car offered here is a seven-passenger touring of 1916, specially ordered without jump seats by Albert Swabacher. Mr. Swabacher was a banker who spent all available free time at a dude ranch he owned in the Teton Mountains, and it was there that the Pierce was kept, used for chauffeured hunting and fishing trips. The present owner has accumulated significant documentation on the car, including a photo showing it converted into a sort of early “motor home” with a bed in the back where Mr. Swabacher would camp out during the hunt, and another showing it being towed up a mountain by mules! It is important to note the horn mounted on the left; while he utilized a chauffeur, Mr. Swabacher preferred to blast the car’s horn himself, and he would often do so to alert his staff that he had returned from yet another expedition into the wilderness.

    The Pierce remained in the adventurous banker’s ownership until his passing in 1963,



    I meant “real” not “earl”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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