1915-1918 Pierce-Arrow hood evolution information needed

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    Can some one help me out with the evolution of the P-A hoods and also the differences between the 38 and 48.  When did the smooth side hood panels change to the louvered design?  Does anyone have a usable pattern to remake the top vent doors?  What is the length of the 48 hood and the 38 hood?  I would like to purchase a restorable radiator shell for a 1915-1918 48 P-A.  Help me if you can, pictures would be helpful.



    The 48 hood is a little longer.The louvered side panels were an option for cars being used in more rugged conditions.


    Hello William,

    Do you happen to have measurements of the length of the 38 hood as compared with the 48 hood?  Is the radiator and shell the same configuration and will interchange with each other?  What you suggest about side louvers makes sense, I was thinking that it was simply an evolution.



    The 38 hood is unique to the 38 as is the radiator.What year model is your car? The 38 has one size of radiator and hood,the 48 is another size and the 66 is even another size after that.They will not interchange.They are big,bigger and biggest.What is your email and I could send you some pictures.I am in the PAS Roster


    Hello Bill,

    I have sent you an email on this subject.


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