1911 Model 36 for sale

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    That car has been on the market on and off for a number of years. Last I remember it was offered for about $90K.

    Complete….its not. Buyer beware…..


    Not only has it been for sale a number of times it does not look like anything has changed during the multiple times it’s been for sale.


    Is this another SCAM !!!…..same photos from 10 years ago, multiple misc. parts thrown together plus some new castings into a car…..incomplete, wrong & a major project. Perfect for someone with 30 years to do the work to build up a restored car.


    I don’t know the car, and am not that familiar with very early Pierce cars, that being said, today’s buyers are much more sophisticated and educated when it comes to buying cars. The cost and aggravation of finishing a car today is staggering……IF you can find someone competent to do the work…..a big IF. There are plenty of documented cars, restored and tour proven, available for sale that are turn key drivers. The ONLY way to sell basket cases, project cars, rebodied projects,etc……..is on price. If you gave someone the car that is the subject of this thread for free, they would still need 150k to make it look, run, and drive decent………..and two years to get it done. Will the car ever be finished? Most likely not…….unless a retired craftsman wants a project to keep himself occupied.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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