1902 Pierce Women’s Racer

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    1902 Pierce Women's BicycleWe found another Pierce bicycle on CABE.  It should be here by about December 10th.  Thanks Dave Coco for the heads up.  I gave my hubby, Dave one for his birthday and now he is giving me a Pierce bicycle for Christmas.

    January 2020 – total 0 Pierce bicycles,

    December 2020 – total 2 Pierce bicycles both shaft drive his and hers.

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    Jane, Santa must have you on the NICE list. There is one hallway in the 2021 Meet hotel that will be perfect for cycle racing. You bring both racers and I’ll bring a starter flag! Karl


    They are both as is at this point.  Hopefully you won’t mind having a pair of  project bicycles on display?


    Jane, I hope we get Bicycles, motorcycles, wagons and any other Pierce family items on display on Saturday’s show field. If you have room bring them both for sure! Karl


    That is the plan.


    The great thing is that these are both 1902 Pan American Special bikes, one men’s and one women’s, a great pair!  If one is going to own a couple of TOC Pierce bikes, those are the two to own.  Congrats on acquiring them….that women’s bike is a real beauty.

    I was able to snag a Pan American chainless also, not long ago, to add to the other Pierce bikes I have…and yes, the front forks are wonky for some reason.  It appears to have mostly original paint.



    David Coco


    What a beauty!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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