Reply To: The “NEW” (to me) 1930 Pierce Arrow


Hey Joe,

Looking like good progress, there.

When I dropped the oil pan on my ‘32 there was a fair bit of glop under the baffles; perhaps on your as well? As the baffles are spot welded in, we cut the spot welds, cleaned the pan thoroughly, filled and smoothed the holes from the spot welds and tack-welded the baffles back in. In this way, the next owner can remove the baffles without a lot of drama. Oh, and you may not have noticed, but there are four oil pan bolts slightly longer than the others  those are for the four front holes. On the pan gasket, I coated both sides with Permatex #2, along with the bolt threads and doesn’t leak a drop.  Can’t say that much for other places, but the oil pan is leak-free. The pan gasket from Olson’s has a few of the bolt holes slightly off center. Not a big deal to address while installing

Email me with your email address and I will send you a link to download the parts manuals in PDF format.